December 22, 2017
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More than three years have passed since I started my journey in the world of trailer, epic and instrumental music. It’s been a long journey full of great moments, in which I was able to collaborate with great artists such as Neal Acree, Dirk Ehlert or Jean-Gabriel Raynaud. I also made a lot of friends, and we stay linked beyond music: Lara Ausensi, Eduardo Tarilonte, Vivien Chebbah, Abel Vegas, James Minas, Ignacio Núñez… And many more names that make this list much longer than that I’d never imagined.

When I started doing covers on YouTube with the only help of my old digital camera for recording, I never dreamed of seeing my name with such incredible artists, or starring in trailer houses as important as Really Slow Motion Trailer Music or dos brains. I never thought that my name would appear alongside those singers whom I’ve always admired, such as Julie Elven, Úyanga Bold, Einar Selvik or Merethe Soltvedt. I could keep adding more and more names to this long list of experiences, friendships and relationships…

But all these names, all those songs, all those moments that I could enjoy and live since 2013 have all the same origin: Ivan Torrent. This composer who I admired for his talent and who seemed to me as untouchable as James Horner himself or Hans Zimmer; and whose music at that time had absolutely nothing to envy the great houses of Audiomachine or Two Steps from Hell. This composer who noticed this geek singer who just made a cover of one of his songs, and who extended his hand to her, towards a path full of wonders and emotions beyond description. This composer who has proven to be not only an impeccable professional, but also an invaluable friend and great person, who opened me the doors of his home, his creativity and his being. Today I felt part of that energy which somehow connects us all more than ever, thanks to his songs.

After so much waiting, it makes my heart rejoice and fills me with endless sensations, to tell you that my humble path has reached its catharsis with IMMORTALYS. An album full of beauty and power, emotion and intensity, strength and fragility. Each song is a piece of the soul of this human beign who has put in it more than two years of affection, effort, joys, suffering and experiences, focused on each note, instrument and chord. “Reverie” made me vibrate, but what I’ve felt with this new album is absolutely beautiful and indescribable. And it’s something that I don’t only recommend, but honestly believe that everyone MUST feel. I can’t think of a better way than music to transmit immortality and the transcendence of the human spirit. And this wonderful person has achieved it in every aspect, counting with the art of Carlos Quevedo and the trailer with David Ariew.

You don’t just listen to IMMORTALYS. You feel it.

Ivan, you’re already immortal for me 🙂 Thank you for letting me be part of your dream again. I wish you the best, with all my love and fondness. I hope we could continue working together in the future, and that we’ll meet again soon to enjoy once again your and Javi Sánchez’s company. I can’t thank you enough for the great I felt with you at your home two summers ago, to make IMMORTALYS become reality. To both of you, thank you very much from the heart.

There’s nothing else I can say, except that you can already enjoy this great experience in iTunes and Bandcamp. You won’t regret 😉

Stay tuned! ^o^

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