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Celica Soldream’s last featuring in World of Warcraft: The War Within with Neal Acree and Activision Blizzard

Hi there! ^^ I’m thrilled to share with you my last collaboration in lastest World of Warcraft‘s official cinematic of “The War Within” for #Blizzcon2023. My aportation was small this time, but it is always a pleasure to work with one of the best composers I’ve had the honor to work with: Neal Acree (thank you so much for counting on me); and so for my favourite game from BlizzardActivision!

Cannot go without mention the stunning work of the animation team and the voice actors! They did it amazing mazing!! ❤

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“Facing the Void” in last APEX (EA) trailer!

I just realized that EA SPORTS featured the song ‘‘Facing the Void” for the new Apex Legends ‘s character ”Eclipse” in the trailer that just dropped! 😱#ApexLegends

We cannot be more honored and hyped!! ^o^

“Facing the Void” (composed by Celica Soldream and Abel Vegas) is the 3rd track in the album “The Shero’s Journey” (Warner Chappell Production) developed by the MusicEpic Women ‘s Project.

Link to the song: