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Celica Soldream’s featuring in Luke Truan’s “Reverence: Beyond the Beauty”

Ho-hoo guys! This is my very last collaboration of the year! I am very excited to show you my featuring in “We Are Warriors”, by Luke Truan! This track will be on his next album: Reverence: Beyond the Beauty! A beautiful both powerful and ethereal story wich will transport yo to another world, both full of magic and technology.

“Take a journey through music to a faraway world. A world full of mystery, dark and relentless foes, mystical creatures, magic, new technology and fierce warriors. From the first note to the last, you’ll feel the strength and vulnerability of Anja.”

You can check the whole and outstanding artwork by Ng Jieying on Luke Truan’s official website.

Listen to the track:

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Celica Soldream’s featuring in Antti Martikainen’s “The Heart of Avalon”

Hi guys, more news! The day has finally come! ^o^ Antti Martikainen‘s “The Heart of Avalon” vol. 1 and 2 are already available! Please, don’t you miss this amazing and fantastic piece of art full fo both celtic and epic music! <3 <3

You can listen to my featurings in “Dinas Emrys”, “The Rise of the Pendragons” and “Hills of Badon”!


Here the Links! Hope you enjoy it! ^_^

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Celica Soldream’s featuring in Jyc Row’s “Legion”

Hey guys! Sorry for being late, but here is the second promised surprise I wanted to share with you! 😁😁 Jyc Row’s last EP “Legion” is finally available on Bandcamp and Spotify!! These five tracks will tell you an amazing story drawn through captivating music, full of darkness, magic and, overall, much much much EPICNESS!! 🔥⚔️🔥

You can listen to my featuring on last track: “The Legion”. Oh, by the way… The deep growling voices speaking as the Legions of Doom? Yep, no kidding, that’s me as well! 😆😆😆 I’m really glad right now that I could learn gutural voices with Diva Satanica! 🤘🔥🔥😋 Thank you girl!

Here the links:

Remember! You can check the preview here!