Celica Soldream’s featuring on Pauli Hausmann’s album “Undiscovered”

Couldn’t be more proud of being part of lastest Pauli Alexander Hausmann album: UNDISCOVERED, a beautiful uplifting work of epic/cinematic music with touches of old 80’s synths, but keeping the fresh sound of nowadays compositions and orchestras. An outstanding work in which you can also hear the beautiful voice of Alexa Ray and my dear sister Julie Elven!! Congratulations to all the people involved in this project, because the result is great beyond of expected!!

UNDISCOVERED is already available on Pauli’s profiles:

Please don’t hesitate listening to this amazing piece of art, in which Gaia, Lionheart, Shadow Dance and Moonlight are, to me, the biggest jewels of this crown! 🥰🥰 Have a nice summer guys, see you soon with more amazing news! Stay Tuned!

Let’s EPIC the world with MUSIC! 🎵

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Celica Soldream’s featuring on A State of Sugar’s album “Biscuit”

Hey guys! I’m here to present you my last collaboration with Jyc Row for his lastest song “Ayzat’s, High Priest of Aqasha” (aka Ayzat’s Theme)! 🔥🌋☀️

Some of you already watched me composing and singing these vocals on my Twitch livestream, but still couldn’t imagine how EPIC this track would be in the end!

It’s soooo special form me being the voice of this amazing and original character! 😎 Can’t be more grateful and honored to be part of the Infinite Eclipse project and its amazing comunity! So again: thanks a lot for your love and support guys! And thank you Jyc for letting me be part of your MLP universe! 🧡🧡

“Ayzat’s, High Priest of Aqasha” is now available to pre-order in next A State of Sugar‘s album “Biscuit” on Bandcamp!