September 8, 2017
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ELEMENTS (Dirk Ehlert) is out!

Today is the day! Dirk Ehlert’s ELEMENTS (dos brains) is oficially out! For me it’s a great honor to collaborate with this amazing and talented composer. This album is a true promise of epicness and power, but also of uplifting and elevating emotions which you cannot miss.

You will hear me singing on Wings of Fire, From Within, Undefeated and The Last Haven. Hope you enjoy it! 😉

dos brains, a Los Angeles based trailer music house, proudly presents “Elements”, the debut solo album by German composer Dirk Ehlert. After more than one year in the making, “Elements” takes you on a sonic journey through time and space, history and future, darkness and light. On “Elements”, Dirk interweaves his musical background, which ranges from symphonic to metal, with his experience as a successful trailer music composer, combining influences of world music, classical music, electronica and film scoring along the way. “Elements” also features world class vocal performances by Úyanga Bold (Hans Zimmer’s The Dark Knight Suite with the Masterpiece Experience, Angelique Kidjo, Overwatch, League Of Legends, etc), Celica Soldream (Neal Acree, Ivan Torrent, etc), Laurie Ann Haus (Todesbonden, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty, etc) , Gaby Koss (Haggard, Nota Profana, Equilibrium, etc), Merethe Soltvedt (Jeff Broadbent, Two Steps From Hell, Brand X Music, etc) and Julie Elven (Voice Of Horizon: Zero Dawn, World Of Warcraft: Legion, Neal Acree, Ivan Torrent, etc) as well as cello performances by Vesislava Todorova (Bulgarian National Radio Orchestra) and Caro Teruel (Venezuela).

Produced by Dirk Ehlert’s at De-Tune Studios, Berlin, Germany.
Executive Producer: Guillermo De La Barreda for dos brains, Los Angeles, USA.
Mixing & mastering: Mathieu Hallouin, Le Mans, France.
Graphic Designer: Ryo Ishido, Los Angeles, USA.
For licensing requests please visit

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