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Celica Soldream’s featuring in GW2 OST Tribute: Kralkatorrik’s Theme/Aurene’s Fate

Hi guys! Long time since I last posted around! ^_^ Today I would love to share with you my last feautring with Jyc Row in this truly EPIC POWERFUL track as a tribute to one of my very favourites MMORPG videogames soundtrack: Guild Wars 2.

“Kralkatorrik Theme/Aurene’s Fate” is already available in Soundcloud and Youtube!!

Thank you so much Jyc for counting on me to defeat this dragon!! ⚔️🐉Please, check out his others amazing and powerful compositions!!

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Celica Soldream featuring in Rozen’s “Children of Termina”

This is a very special update! Several weeks ago I had the amazing honor of collaborating with Rozen in “The World that ends in three days”, the first track from his last album: Children of Termina. This album includes 17 tracks of dark hybrid/orchestral interpretations from Majora’s Mask OST. Just one of the most and beautiful masterpieces by this composer, based on Zelda’s videogames and soundtracks ?‍♂️⚔️

You can listen to “The World that ends in three days” for free now!


Also, pre-orders are now available in digital, CD and vinyl at Rozen’s Bandcamp!

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Celica Soldream featuring in Antti Martikainen’s “Hymn of the High Seas”

Hey guys! More news coming! I would love to introduce you one of Antti Martikainen‘s last masterpieces <3 “Hymn of the High Seas” is a pirate-epic-music-themed album, in which I had the honor of featuring with my voice for several tracks. This one is one of my favourites: “Oceanbound”!

AAAAARGH you like it sailors! ☠️🧜‍♀️🌊🎶

Here you can listen to the album trailer!

‘Hymn of the High Seas’ Limited edition 2-CD digipak pre-order:

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